The Muqaddimah

Assalamualaikum and good day to fellow readers,

this post will be a muqaddimah, an introduction, to Fiqh.

May Allah bless you for reading this, for the effort is always being counted, insyaAllah. For whomever Allah wants good for, He gives him an understanding of the Deen, insyaAllah.

What is Fiqh?

Back in my schooling years, we have been thought that Fiqh is the things we do as a Muslim as per our salah (daily prayers), wudhu’ (ablution), fasting etc. But little did I know the somewhat deeper meaning of it. I learned about it now, bit by bit, understanding it and appreciating it even more. It is simple and I have never thought of looking it up.

Linguistically, Fiqh means knowledge and comprehension. On the other hand, going deeper on the Islamic terminology, it means understanding and comprehending the knowledge of the Islamic rulings with proofs. The proofs that we mean here is basing it on the AlQuran and Sunnahs. That is one of the small added knowledge that I discovered while learning this.

This is my brief note on the introduction of Fiqh
This is my brief note on the introduction of Fiqh

Importance of Niyah (intention)

Whether or not we realize it, all of our actions are based on our intention. It could be good, it could be bad, and whatever it is, you will be rewarded accordingly. So, what exactly is the relevance/importance of niyah in pursuing knowledge?

  • The intention itself is already considered a third of knowledge- Why, you ask? This is due to the nature of intention, where it is followed by action. When the action is being executed, it demonstrates the power of intention.
  • It differentiates between the act of ibadah (worship) and the norms.

link – 40 hadith, Niyah (Intention)

The above is the link for Hadith that is relation to niyah (intention).


As per my brief note of the introduction above, I wrote on the hadith that explains the importance of spreading the knowledge (I couldn’t finish the whole meaning into my notes though – because I under budgeted my size of writing-, so I included the link of the hadith below). A few things that we could extract from this hadith is that;

  • Making an awareness to other people of something that we know is always good
  • When we share with other people sometimes,we do find someone who has more expertise in the area. As a result, they can explain to us much more and we gain more understanding and we realize more the value of the knowledge, insyaAllah.

link – hadith for ‘Knowledge’

Hopefully, this post fills you with an added value and a slightly more information than what we have always learned.

That’s it for now, I will keep you guys updated soonest (on other topics!).


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