How to Use the Possessive Pronouns

Hi everyone, good day!

Apologies for the longg MIA on my WordPress. I have been engaged with my YouTube posts and I am very happy to announce here that I’m posting this as a follow-up to one of my videos, which I will put below;


Following to this, below are the words that you can use with the possessive pronouns of;



The above possessive pronouns can be used with these words:


  • 1 دِين

– Way of life

  • 2 آيَات

– Quranic verse, wonder, miracle

  • 3 رَبّ

– Master, lord (which comprises as the Creator, Protector, Provider, Nourisher, Trainer, Sustainer, and Controller)

  • 4 يَوْم

– Day

  • 5 عَمَل

– Action, deed, and work

Below are the tables so that you would be able to understand how to use the 5 given words with the possessive pronouns.


Hopefully, this can benefit us all in many ways, and have fun practising with the Total Physical Interaction (TPI)!! 😀

Lots of love


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